Buying a property requires a team of experts between your real estate broker, commercial property inspector, environmental professionals etc. the list goes on depending upon the type of property one is considering buying. Tactic Commercial has the perfect team to make sure one gets the right property for one’s needs and to negotiate a fair deal.

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Estate agent shaking hands with his customer after contract signature; multiple exposure

Selling property can be tedious. Let Tactic Commercial take care of all the hard work that goes into preparing, marketing, and selling a property.

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Landlord Representation


Landlord Representation is a crucial aspect of getting the targeted return on your investment. Tactic Commercial will find the right tenant, negotiate a fair deal, and put together the right team to consummate the lease between Tenant and Landlord.

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Tenant Representation


Tenant Representation is no easy task. Finding the right property that fits your company’s specific needs can be tedious, take time away from your business, and become more of a headache than is worth. Tactic Commercial will get one’s specific requirements for the space needed, narrow down your search, and negotiate a fair rate and term for the desired property. In the end, saving one’s time and money.

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Property Development


Property Development requires multiple experienced professionals like engineers, general contractors, project managers, attorneys etc. Let our experienced Developer handle one’s project to insure a smooth and successful development from start to finish.

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